the story of janus stark

by evenless

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overture 03:04
the streets were dark and empty and blood was running in my veins 5 o´clock in the morning but the blood was burning in my veins you will drown in blood you will drown in tears just one window was lighted a young girl was taking morning tea i looked into her eyes and allowed her to see my tears then something grasped me from behind i could not run, I could not hide i fell asleep and don´t know why darkness all around no light allowed in this refuge is this the end? has judgement come to swallow me? i will spill your blood i will cause your tears © evenless Sebastian Moser/Lars Schneider
empty mind 01:47
me 03:07
just a lonesome gambler in this life trying to make the best out of my time all the loved ones, I have left behind not on purpose, it´s eye for an eye the promises are ringing in my ears unspoken words, I would have loved to hear so I´ve become a natural egoist the helping hand has turned into a fist since the day we´re born we´re so afraid dead inside our hearts and minds am I accused of being what I am? just a baby lying in a pram i´m no scapegoat you can crucify i don´t want to end like Jesus Christ © evenless Sebastian Moser/Lars Schneider
joziah 03:28
i´m what you want to leave behind your biggest fear i´m everything you say or do i´m always near when you look behind it´s me you find cause I´m haunting you for the pain you´ve caused i´m judging you, I´ll punish you joziah´s rising i´m your worst nightmare coming true your bitter fate i´m the reflection of your lies anger and hate © evenless Lars Schneider/Martin Walczak
show me a dream where I lie in the grass take me to a time where I watch people pass …and laugh is there a god to believe in, these days? take me to a road that leads out of this cave …which way? don´t you see that you´re born into this life with two blind eyes, you´re driven by stupid pride can´t you see that there can be so much more and I´m gonna show you the door © evenless Lars Schneider
frozen tears 03:59
you have build a wall inside your mind when I tried to touch you inside your real self I always longed to find was veiled by a haze of pride you said you`d ignore what others say but instead you hurt yourself you have always said you love me but you could not understand frozen tears i regret every single day in your life frozen tears is your sun ain`t gonna shine it`s so sad when I look back at us all my tears were shed in vain it seems that I wasn`t good enough that your heart could share the pain so why now when all is said and done you come crawling on your knees can there be a second chance for us can you turn round yourself i am just what you made out of me so when you look at me, it´s you, you see i give a damn, I don´t care what will be all of you don´t matter much to me © evenless Lars Schneider/Martin Walczak
the fear has changed into a friend i accept my faults, but nothing mends and no one´ll heal the wounds i´ll cut your throat and break your neck make your whole world turn into black cause there´s no turning back with broken heart and empty mind i cling to you, I cling to life and this cuts deep just like a knife in my pride you brought us down and watched us bled without remorse, without regret turned around and you fled you push and pull and steal my mind made me feel deaf and dumb and blind when you came from behind © evenless Sebastian Moser/Lars Schneider
all things 03:33
still remember me? i have been there when they have not tried to shelter you now it seems you totally forgot but I understand when you are young there´s so much more but I can´t believe you deny me now that you should know all the things I´ve done was it all in vain i´m wondering now and then i don´t ask for much maybe just a lil´ respect do you think it´s right to abandon me who was your friend i don´t talk ´bout god i just talk ´bout you and me but remember, son judgement comes for all of us, yours too © evenless Lars Schneider
roots 01:24
since the day you went away nothing´s changed, it´s still the same i´m living hell, you´re somewhere else when he comes home drunk again then he makes me feel the pain and my desperate tears are falling… down again, I stop to pray it´s all fading away you are so far and yet so near sometimes I wish that you were here to take away my pain and fear sometimes I wish that you were here you´ve heard the battle through the wall seen black eyes and broken glass but you never said a thing at all mother what could I have done always thought I´d be the one to stand strong, but now I´m feeling… © evenless Martin Walczak/Lars Schneider
the killing fields you´ve left behind escaped into your mind but I will show you who you are once again, this time you won´t ignore the truth you hide cause I´ll make you see you thought that everyone´s born blind cause you´re a refugee god will help me if he can maybe now he can´t somebody´ll save me if he can maybe now he can´t sometimes I get this feeling inside like it poisons my mind yeah it feels like…sometimes… sometimes I get this feeling inside when you´re touching my back yeah it feels like you turn back time you prayed to god when you were down so that he would heal your frown but when you look inside yourself did you appreciate his help? how does it feel to be alone? to be lost in time and space yeah you will be crucified cause you have lost your faith © evenless Lars Schneider / Sebastian Moser
i don´t think i can take anymore the voices in my head, they turn into a roar if i am guilty, then all men are but who are you to stand above the law? cause i´m tired of being stuck to this cave knowing that this could be my grave i swear i will change, i will never be the same, again © evenless Sebastian Moser/Lars Schneider
revelation 02:21
do you really want to see the source of all your misery it´s not what you expect to see but only truth will set you free i hid behind this mask to right your wrongs has been my task this face you see is free at last nowhere to run, nothing to ask i don´t believe that this can be my evil captor it was me so now that truth has been revealed can the wounds of my soul heal © evenless Sebastian Moser/Lars Schneider
if I´ll ever find the way into your minds this final day maybe I could try to change your views of judging me this way if I´ll ever find the love that makes me strong, that makes me stay and if I´ll ever find the way out of this darkness in my mind with broken heart and empty mind, i cling to you, I cling to life and this cuts deep just like a knife in my pride so if I will die today, i won´t kneel down, I won´t pray cause at the end of our days, we´re all the same and no one stays but after all there is no love, that makes you strong, that makes you stay so if my light will fade away this night, i wasted all my time emptiness is filling me, but maybe it´s just one more day that makes me burn inside your heart just a few words from the dead, i will lay down and rest my head to stop this burning in your heart did you ever realize, that you´re the lonely one did You ever realize, that you´re the only one …in life, that makes you feel like you´re alone that makes you feel like no one´s home and if this poison´s in again, these words will be your only friend to pull you through your darkest nights to make you forget your pride you are the fool and you´re not right time was never on your side and if you still don´t understand, i give a damn if you´re my friend with broken heart and empty mind, i cling to you, I cling to life and this cuts deep just like a knife in my pride with parting fears I say goodbye the silence helps to close my eyes my lips are closed, my eyes are dry – I won´t cry if you believe that you were innocent i will show you it isn´t right if you believed it was right to close your eyes i will show you it isn´t right is there a meaning in this life is there a meaning in what I say i will tell you what I saw another day © evenless Sebastian Moser/Lars Schneider
going home 01:22
with broken heart i stand alone joziah died i´m on my own what am I gonna do i´m going home © evenless Sebastian Moser
what leads me out of this cave out of this cave that now has become his grave it´s too late to thank you for being so cruel for leading me through it seems like ages, since I´ve seen the sun it´s good to feel the warmth upon my skin i feel like I´m a new man today everything has changed but I´m on my way where do we go from here i drown in fear cause he disappeared am I right of being grateful that he died? i won´t commit perjury am I able to live on in certainty, that he died of our human misery? can I forget every single word he said? or take my problems to the crest? are we able to find another way? and convert what I had learned from yesterday? © evenless Sebastian Moser
underture 03:56
with broken heart and empty mind i cling to you, i cling to life and this cuts deep just like a knife in my pride with parting fears i say goodbye the silence helps to close my eyes my lips are closed, my eyes are dry i won´t cry © evenless Sebastian Moser


Produced by evenless

Recorded by Tarek Jumah
Recorded at Mondfeldbasis, Arnsberg
Mixed & Mastered by Tarek Jumah & evenless
Band Photography by Philipp Brinkmann

All Songs arranged by evenless
All female vocals by Sara Wyss
Programming by Ulf Grüne

evenless is:
Sebastian Moser: Vocals & Guitar, Synths
Martin Walczak: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lars Schneider: Bass, Backing Vocals
Ulf Grüne: Drums, Backing Vocals / mail


released August 21, 2013


all rights reserved



evenless Arnsberg, Germany

rock is alive

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