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split infinity

by evenless

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i was alone became absorbed in my thoughts and so I felt that feeling deep inside there´s nothingelse, except the notes and i getting through that wasteland in my mind and so it felt strage but it felt that way before tomorrow we´ll be dumb so we were blamed but we were blambed before strange tomorrow comes so what am I? and why am I, I ask myself? did I become like mankind should have been? we´re all neglected, ´cos we´ve lost identity we are forgotten sons, that´s all we are © evenless Sebastian Moser
another time 03:15
sit and stare at cold grey walls waiting for no one to call lost in time and lost in space forgotten and so out of place feeling dead a loss for words caressing everything that hurts altruistic suicide another time a selfish lie another time I`ve been betrayed and once again my soul`s enslaved another time we stand in line another time I`ve been betrayed and once again my soul`s enslaved another time we see the signs sit and stare at cold grey walls waiting for no one to call lost in time and lost in space forgotten and so out of place the feelings dead returns again it comes to haunt to numb the pain no sign of hope but it is near another time I have to fear © evenless Lars Schneider
maybe I have lost myself over the years getting isolated scared by fear maybe everything (I) believed in was a lie intended lies and I´ll try to keep my head up high yeah, I´ll try maybe I have lost the will to live this way an exhausted child forgotten prayers so am I the only one who will get hurt? eat my dirt! so I´ve tried to keep my head up high yeah, I´ve tried © evenless Sebastian Moser
where is the reason where is the cause to pray when the story ends this way without a meaning without a sense we go through the chapters of the show so lonely, so tired searching for a different way i`m bleeding, i`m dying growing colder day by day why are we dreaming what are we searching for when there`s no release at all watching the ceiling, watching the time go by while I`m much too weak to cry © evenless Martin Walczak
when we dance light was flashing down when we dance I felt fine when we dance nothing´s like before we danced around that night when we dance I´ve lost myself in you when we dance in your eyes when we dance we danced the pain away whe pain I felt that time maybe some day when we all will be the same it´s alright maybe some day when we learn to recognize yourself © evenless Sebastian Moser
i feel down this afternoon naked, uninspired you feel high, cause I feel low seeking things that I desire you feel down the other day you call it natural resource i feel high, cause you feel low and I wonder why I`m yearning for things I can`t find while I`m fading all the time and I wonder why you`re longing for this peace of mind that you`ve stolen long ago you embrace this new years eve faithfull and inspired i`m still looking for relief growing more than tired i embrace the afterglow of all that you`ve aspired you will live, so I may die © evenless
longing for light to appear in the endless night hoping for rain to fall down from the desert sky here tonight there´s a chance for you and I hold me tight as time´s passing by it´s like you were close but always you stay out of sight wherever I might be i can feel you shine hold me tight and forget the time passing by fall in tears love disappears longing for someone or something to tare me apart hoping for you to return when the sky turns dark fall in tears you know your love disappeared your embrace was more I could bear © evenless Sebastian Moser/Mathieu Martel
alone 03:13
i wanna tell you what I feel today deafing silence on my way `cos you forgot to tell me what went wrong when our time was done i´m getting tired of bein´ on the run searching for what I´ve become A neverending path to yesterday is leading me astray left alone inside everything has changed its meaning far from home with a careless laugh we live together on a senseless trip i´m lost forever i try to keep the distance but I fail can´t rewrite the complete tail © evenless Martin Walczak/Lars Schneider
what do you feel? i feel restrained what do you see? i see someone else what do you hear? i hear the sound of silence seethe in me where do we stand? and where do we go? a future unwritten a future unknown where was our start? and how will it end? and I lost myself no matter what you do and I lost myself in you what do you say? i´ll say the truth what do you know? i know nothing at all what do you hear? i hear the sound of silence seethe in me where will you be? and where will I roar? it seems so near but even so far where was our start? and how will it end? © evenless Sebastian Moser/Martin Walczak
we´re making decisions, we´re taking advice we´re placing our bets, it´s a roll of the dice we´re clinging to something that´s never been there we´re stumbling through history without a care but all we dream and say and touch and feel just shows our need to reach infinity i wish there was a way a chance to let us stay i wish that we could split infinity we´re following orders, we´re breaking the rules we´re always believing we´ve got nothing to lose we´re fighting each other, we´re looking for love we´re waiting for answers from heaven above another life so fragile another golden beam turns into nothing end it all today, take me far away out of this misery © evenless Lars Schneider
so I think of you my love a prosperity, not foreseen but I dream of better days no, I won´t achieve it pure man´s born so small seems he grow so tall so you think, that there´s a chance a sign, a glimpse of hope so you differ right from wrong do you really wanna know the truth so man thinks he knows it all unpredictable as he is man forgets, that he was small searching for a bliss © evenless Sebastian Moser
a new day 04:01
if you´re alone tonight at the end of the day it won´t be forever now just for today and if you are tired now will the feelings betray? and if you think you can´t go on and you can´t bear the pain tomorrow is on it´s way a bright and new day so if you feel desperate now don´t worry, just stay © evenless Sebastian Moser/Lars Schneider
on the edge 03:33
oh I, I´m so fucking pissed of it all are they still thinking we´re blind (deaf, dumb and blind) no judgement, for things going wrong time´s running out no- thing´s changed at all and still tort reigns the world oh I, I won´t feel so tired of it all external inability but inside I do my job write down thoughts seething in my mind and sure, sure I won´t close my eyes and sure, I didn´t waste your time © evenless Sebastian Moser


Produced by Jörg Uken & evenless

Recorded by Jörg Uken
Recorded at Soundlodge, Rhauderfehn
Mixed & Mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge

Art Direction & Design by Martin Walczak
Band Photography by Philipp Brinkmann
Additional photography by Andreas Erlenkötter

All Songs arranged by evenless
All keyboards by Nils Weise
Additional guitars & samples by Lars Schneider
Choir vocals on progressive man by Nils Weise & Sebastian Levermann
Additional backing vocals on alone & growing colder by Sebastian Levermann
Intro sounds on split infinity by motorwerk 9
Programming by Ulf Grüne

evenless is:
Sebastian Moser: Vocals & Guitar
Martin Walczak: Guitar & Screams
Lars Schneider: Bass, Backing Vocals
Ulf Grüne: Drums

www.evenless.de / mail info@evenless.de

split infinity video:


released June 6, 2016


all rights reserved



evenless Arnsberg, Germany

rock is alive

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