songs from the basement

by evenless

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rain 02:56
i grieve, for you my dear see, what you´re doing to me what you´re doing to me And as your tears are falling down again i bet you hate yourself `cos nothing really mended i preach, for you my dear we, should protect what life should mean should protect what life should mean And as the bombs are falling down again i guess there must be more `cos nothing really mended © evenless Sebastian Moser
burn my soul 03:37
if we take a look around, wasted land and broken dreams to infinity and if it really doesn´t matter, what our dreams were all about we´re polluted now it determines my life but it burns my soul and if we work ourselves to death, tear down every virgin faith, no one ever cares and if we condemn all the askin´ who shift our view of life, we could burn our hives and if you think it´s all so hopeless, mess up to the end of time maybe you´re right but if we wanna change the future, we can´t deny what´s going on we can´t deny it © evenless Sebastian Moser
save my life 02:52
the shooting stars are waiting waiting for my wishes tonight and I know this could be comparable to the innocence of a child everything within my mind resembles to an endless dream ignore whatever should be and maybe you can change reality please take my hand (and) save my life save my soul tell me things I need to know take my mind take control of my feelings as I grow are you content how it is the life that you are tryin‘ to live yes I know that it is comparable to the innocence of a child please take my hand (and) save my life save my soul there’s no place for me to go take my mind take control of my feelings as I grow © evenless Sebastian Moser/Martin Walczak
nowhere 02:55
there is a bastard inside my head without a word he speaks to me he’s watching every single step i close my eyes and let him see help me find another way now let me go ‚cause I can’t stay nowhere to go no place to hide one second closer to the light nothing to loose and nothing to say ‚cause I won’t justify my way help me find another way now let me go ‚cause I can’t stay another chapter has been closed yet everything remains the same if all we did has been a lie we´re heroes in a losing game help me find another way now let me go ‚cause I can’t stay nowhere to go no place to hide one second closer to the light nothing to loose and nothing to say ‚cause I won’t justify my way © evenless Lars Schneider/Martin Walczak
cry 02:15
saw you in this room, so you´ve got captured in my mind! i couldn´t explain what it was, cos i was almost blind! if you really wanna drive my lonely life insane don´t take it to serious, cos it´s almost down the drain! i´m gonna cry i´ve got hurt and you´ve got hurt but that´s no way to live won´t get fooled again, cos I´ve got so much love to give may I ask for attention make a fool right out of me lets spend the night together that´s the way it´s got to be © evenless Sebastian Moser
low 03:34
keep your balance and try to figure out may´ one day you´ll know what life is all about keep on searching and maybe you will find all the answers of whats burning in your mind and i feel low i feel so low i feel so alone keep on working, digging in the dirt be the good guy and one day you will get hurt so do what I do, but don´t expect to find all the answers of whats burning on your mind © evenless Sebastian Moser/Martin Walczak
passion play 04:03
it was another of these long and sleepless nights i was completely drunken, owner of two minds light was flashing, my whole world had turned around i felt so tired, so I lay down on the ground i´m just a cogwheel in this Passion Play when I woke up i felt the blood in my veins there was not even a memory that remained i´d lost the will to reach the gold of the new day i felt like dying, like carrion, but anyway © evenless Sebastian Moser
unanswered are the questions of life why do you even try to be the one you don’t want to be a puppet on a string waste your time, waste your life waste the days to free your mind like anyone you climb up the ladder with every step you fall the day will come when there’s no return no chance to live your life © evenless Martin Walczak/Lars Schneider
in me 03:42
if I could get a glimpse of what´s ahead step out of me, my body and my head what would I see in me? a fragile piece of broken memories? a lonely soul, a whisper on the breeze? who will I see in me? will I be what my dreams told me to be? or rather what you expect to see? can there be more for me? will you still know me, know me like today? or will the sands of time lead us astray? no one can see what will be but do we really wish to see? i feel this longing still, deep in me time can be our healer, not a friend will I be unfulfilled in the end? © evenless Lars Schneider
i felt so very strange when i had to remember yesterday i felt so insecure cause you’re solitude standing inside things are changing but you will be there things are changing it’s a casual affair things are changing but you’re by my side close together every day & night i thought that it will go on but emotional rivers went dry by time you said that we shouldn’t care `bout the things that tomorrow will bring © evenless Moser/Walczak/Grüne
acid snow 03:31
everything I once believed in everything is gone i am waking from this dream exhausted and alone the remains of what you’ve given fade to nothingness words are only empty shells and I am evenless i can’t deny you ‚cause I just find addiction in my soul i can’t forget you, the words you said will never stop to grow I am on the road to yesterday echoes of tomorrow on my way i can’t stop and I can’t go my mind is veiled by acid snow nothing’s real and nothing’s saved when you’ve lost control every single memory is piercing through my soul it seems to me like I am walking on the other side just a moment in my hands you’ve painted black and white © evenless Martin Walczak/Lars Schneider
hatesong 03:15
i watch TV reality i watch TV that´s the way that I feel you think for me and I agree you think for me in the way that I feel? and I keep losing my mind all these things that made me blind and I keep losing my mind i watch the SHOW that made me grow i watch the SHOW can´t stand it no more © evenless Sebastian Moser
did you ever take a look, in a momentary lapse did we ever take a look, i swore it was a drag do you dare to take a look, in a momentary lapse don´t you try to take a look, i swore it was a drag and if we try to make it right we should refuse the other side the moments gone, but still remains all I want is entertainment and I will follow you again, not enough i´ll be your friend to show you how to seize the day and be the star that guides your way © evenless Sebastian Moser/Mathieu Martel
outro 03:20


Produced by Jörg Uken & evenless

Recorded by Jörg Uken
Recorded at Soundlodge, Rhauderfehn
Mixed & Mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge

Art Direction & Design by Martin Walczak
Band Photography by Philipp Brinkmann
Additional Photography by Sebastian Moser

All Songs arranged by evenless
Turntables on “Nowhere” by Andreas Erlenkötter
Synths on “Nowhere” by Jörg Uken
Programming by Ulf Grüne
Outro Guitar Solo on “Momentary Lapse”
by Lars Schneider

evenless is:
Sebastian Moser: Vocals & Guitar, Synths
Martin Walczak: Guitar, Voices
Lars Schneider: Bass, Backing Vocals
Ulf Grüne: Drums, Backing Vocals / mail


released October 8, 2014


all rights reserved



evenless Arnsberg, Germany

rock is alive

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